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German Cockroach

There are over 3,500 species of cockroaches in the world! There are only four species that live and breed in our homes and work places. These four are the German, Brown ­ banded, Oriental and American cockroach. Cockroaches live in dwellings in all ethnic groups and all economic classes of people. Cockroaches are often brought into non-infested residences through hitchhiking , examples are: in egg cartons, soft drink cartons, bags of potatoes, beer cases, or even through used furniture or appliances. Once introduced into the home, these cockroaches generally start to populate in the kitchen and bathroom.

DISEASE: Cockroaches have been found to harbor Staphylococcus, Coliform, and have been implicated in cases of Salmonella food poisoning. Many people who are allergic to house dust are also allergic to cockroaches. Crushed body fragments and feces become part of house dust. People continually exposed to cockroach infestations show to have a higher number of allergies and /or asthma.

House Centipede
House Centipede
Roach Investation
American Roach
Silverfish Roach
Silverfish Roach


  • The presence of cockroaches in the home or apartment causes more distress to the dwellers than any other insect pest.
  • Cockroaches prefer to hide within five feet or less of their food and water source. If you see activity in the day time, you probably have a large infestation.
  • A clean home will not sustain as many cockroaches as a home that is cluttered and dirty because there is less food for the cockroaches to eat.
  • Humidity and harborage areas are very important in infestation levels as well.
  • Cockroaches can live on glue from a postage stamp or wall paper!

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