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Fun Bug Facts

Fact #1
All insects must have:
· Three body parts - a head, thorax, and abdomen
· Six jointed legs
· Two antennae to sense the world around them
· An exoskeleton (outside skeleton)
Insect Body Diagram
Fact #2
95% of all the animal species on the earth are insects!
Fact #3
Over one million species of insects have been discovered by scientists, and they think that there might be ten times that many that haven't been named yet!

Man Eating Spider

Ummm Ummmm

Fact #4
The average human will eat 8 spiders while asleep in their lifetime.
Fact #5
A tiny biting midge or "no-seeum" (Forcipomyia) beats its hairy wings 62,760 times per minute.
Bitting Midge
Fact #6
Termites do more than $750 million worth of damage in the U.S. every year, with much of that damage occurring in Florida. That's more than all the fires, storms and earthquakes, combined.
Fact #7
The house fly "hums" in the key of F
Singing House Fly

Fact #8

The average airspeed of the common housefly is 4.5 miles per hour.
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